This movie is a continuation of Casino Royale. As usual, it’s mind-boggling and will keep you on your toes from start to end which is typical of all the James Bond movies.

After being betrayed by Vesper who James Bond wanted to leave everything behind, he fought the urge to make his next mission too personal. After all, Vesper’s story is just the beginning of his next mission. He met M and together they interrogated White who told them that the secret organization they are looking for is far more complicated than they may have thought.

James Bond

Eventually, James Bond visits Austria, then Italy, and finally South America. During his mission, he uncovers hidden plans of Greene to take control of the most important natural resource of the world which is the water. He is making a deal with General Medrano who had no choice but to accept as he was blackmailed but of course, with James Bond, no bad guy can get away with their evil and filthy plans.

The climax of the movie is exciting with a lot of explosions and high-tech visuals that you’ll surely be mesmerized and be glued to your seats.

It’s a great movie that is worthy of being a James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is perfect as James Bond although he epitomizes the complete opposite of the James Bond we are so familiar with but, let’s admit it, he’s brilliant!

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  • Laura
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    I agree that Craig is perfect as James Bond!

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