Marley & Me stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. It’s a story about a family and the world’s worst dog. The dog is a male Labrador who doesn’t follow their orders and is such a menace but don’t expect this movie to be a laugh-hard type as you would be shocked at how it turns out in the end.

The story is well written and they did not make it a movie about a dog that saved the world and touched the hearts of everyone but it talks about a menace dog who did nothing extraordinary except for being their dog. Marley grew up as their family also grew and he became a part of their family even though at times they just want to give up on him.

When he got pretty old, Marley had a condition with his stomach. The veterinarian said he may not make it to the night but Owen’s character said that Marley is a superdog and he is sure he will make it and sure enough, he recovered and went home only to get a second attack again. The second attack was inevitable and they already knew they had to euthanize him as there’s nothing the vet can do. It is at this moment that you will surely start to cry. I sure did… we all did.

It’s a great movie but for those who had lost a dog and can relate to the story, expect the movie to bring back the pains of losing your dog again. I cried hard after watching the movie and I am thankful I didn’t watch this at the movies or else I’d be humiliated.

It’s an unexpectedly simple movie and because of the typical story of this dog, it’s what makes it amazing. Most dog lovers could relate to it as they can picture their dog with Marley.

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