If you love a movie where most of the people die and just 1 or 2 lives in the end then Friday the 13th is always the best movie to watch. We’ve watched this since the first movie was released in 1980 and it became so popular that Friday the 13th is always feared that maybe Jason would come out and kill us all.

This movie is still on Crystal Lake and the killer is still Jason. It’s just a remake of the old movie but it doesn’t make it seem bad. It’s a good thing that they did a remake because it brings back the same horrifying flick that we once feared the most and turn it into a more modern version.

To those who still haven’t watched the movie, I will not spoil it for you but expect to feel sorry for some of your favored characters that get mutilated like animals by Jason. This movie is just one of a few where the hot ones aren’t always the ones that survive in the end.

It’s a must see movie for people who enjoy horror flicks. Have some popcorn and soda with you and watch this with your friends. It’s not a movie for young kids as there’s too much blood and gore and sexual nature and it has been rated as Rated R.

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