The Great Gatsby was one of the most eagerly anticipated films to hit our screens this year. The combination of Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio had many fans and critics keen to see what the two could create. Like with any major film release that has a big build up, there was always going to be some film critics ready to slate it just to cause upset and go against the grain, but essentially the film has been well received, taking $51million at the US box office in its opening week.

A Classic Book Turned Into A Movie

The Great Gatsby

Turning a classic book into a blockbuster always holds risks; fans of the book have already created the characters in their head and want to ensure that they are portrayed as they imagined.

People are already emotionally attached and involved with the characters and their storylines before they view the film. However, many fans have agreed that Baz’s take on the era and his overall delivery was spot on.

Many online forums and online reviews have rightly pointed out that we should review the film based on the movie alone, as its own entity, not compare it to the book or the previous version of the film. This is a great point, this way you can see the film in a new light and judge it on its own merit.

Overall the film had it all, great costume, strong soundtrack and a mind blowing cast, and it did not fail to live up to expectation. The costumes were exceptional, to the last detail, helping you to really see what that era was like. The soundtrack was bold, using Jay-Z was a brave move, and does work, however a little more jazz could’ve been included just to soften it up a bit.

The Great Cast

Then we get to the cast. DiCaprio was truly great, the complexity of the character is something that you don’t quite appreciate until later in the film when you really start to see how Gatsby had to control his own demons and the problems he was facing within his own mind and fantasies. The intensity is genuine and DiCaprio comes across as brave yet vulnerable.

The Great Gatsby would appeal to all; the amazing set and props will engage anyone who can appreciate the beauty and the cast pull you in and help take you along the roller coaster that is Gatsby and his wild lifestyle!

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