I just recently watched this movie and I would recommend it to those who love adventure movies that are kid-friendly. It’s about the city of Ember which is a city built underground by the builders who wanted to protect the people from the futile world. There was this case that has all the information needed for them to get out of that city just when it’s at the right time so they could start all over again in the outside world. The case was set to open only after 200 years and was passed on from the city’s mayor to mayor. Unfortunately, it was not passed on after the 7th mayor and that’s where the story had its start.

Young Stars

The stars in the movie are a young girl and a young boy. The girl is the direct descendant of the 7th mayor and she was able to find the case and discovered its hidden message. She, together with the young lad, followed the badly torn up directions but they managed to find the exit to the city of Ember.

There, they saw the sun for the very first time and they realized that what’s on the outside was not all darkness as what was inculcated in their minds. It was just the right time too because it was at that time that the generator that powered the entire city was already failing.

My Conclusion

I think the movie is okay and fun to watch as long as you don’t analyze everything about it. There are lots of flaws and the lack of explanation to the events such as how there were giant insects and how the story actually started. The end wasn’t very clear and open ended too. But, if you want to just have a good time with your kids then this is a great movie to watch.

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