It’s a story about the siblings Andi and Bruce who live in a foster home. In their foster home, dogs are strictly not allowed and the two had no choice but to follow the rules. Then, one day, they met an adorable dog that they just can’t let him go so they thought of a way on how to take care of their new pet.

They found an old, abandoned hotel that would be just perfect for their new pet. Since Bruce is such a genius young boy, he transformed it whimsically into a high-class dog hotel. Their pet dog who they named as Friday soon was not the only guest in the hotel. Soon more dogs considered the hotel as their new home.

Bruce invented conveyor-like machines which could easily provide all dogs their meals and also transport their poop after the digestive process is over. He made several funny machines  to make the lives of these dogs as happy as possible. Unfortunately, with that much dogs, it’s not easy to keep them a secret.

Their barks were heard around the neighborhood and also, the local pound were dumbfounded as to why, all of a sudden, there were no more running stray dogs on the streets. Of course to keep their furry secrets, they need all the help they can get from their fun friends and it just turns wild!

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