Another movie about funny aliens coming to Earth to destroy the world. Yes, it’s the funny alien invasion type that is entertaining for the entire family. Basically, the story is about the Pearsons’ kids who found out about the alien invaders that came from the attic and they are on the quest to fight them and save the Earth without making their parents learn about it.

The aliens came from the meteor shower from another galaxy where 4 glowing thingies are forced on a different route leading it to the planet Earth and they end up on a roof where the family of Stuart and Nina Pearson were staying for a short holiday break. The aliens are actually the small kinds led by Skip then there were Tazer, Razor and Sparks. The 4 of them were in the quest to conquer the Earth but the 5 Pearsons’ kids are out to stop them.

Eventually of course there were a battle between the kids and the little aliens and the aliens never stood a chance against the bright and loving siblings. It sure is a fun movie that is worth watching.

You’ll giggle and burst in laughter with their funny antics. It’s a fun-filled movie that is worth a trip to the cinema.

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