Did Sacha Baron Cohen do it again? His Borat movie was quite a success but with his new movie, Bruno, would he also get the same recognition? Well, watch the movie to find out. As it turns out the movie had reached the #1 at the box office for the week with $30.4 million and it beats Ice Age 3 and Transformers for the weak but then it’s popularity drops drastically and you may wonder why.

A Weird Movie

The reason is, you wouldn’t want to watch the movie again afterwards. The word of mouth is indeed absent as it doesn’t get many recommendations from those who watched the film on its first day. Unfortunately, the movie is very disappointing. It is not at all funny and it just gets irritating too.

Basically, the movie stars Bruno who is a gay fashionmonger who went to the United States in a quest to become a star. Its trying to mock some personalities and it can get a bit humorous at times but it is incredibly unsuccessful in more ways than one. It’s like watching a movie with a gay character who just tries to run amuck with a storyline that doesn’t have much substance at all.

The movie has a bit of nudity involved but in a humorous kind of way in its own right. Nonetheless, some viewers would love this film especially if you enjoyed Borat. It’s not for everybody, must say, but it sure has its own audience to entertain.

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