The 6th Harry Potter movie is once again phenomenal. It may not really compare to the plot on the book but it’s still not that disappointing. No spoilers here as it’s still shown on in cinemas around the world. The movie is pretty good and it makes you want to watch the final movie of the Harry Potter series as the ending for the Half Blood Prince makes you ask a lot of questions as to what would be next for the 3 wizards of Hogwarts.

Hermione is indeed looking more and more beautiful as she gets older while Harry Potter and Weasley’s cuteness start to fade but the humor in Weasley’s character never fades and the pureness of heart of Harry lingers. It’s too bad that one great character in this movie had died. If you have read the book you’ll know who it is but there’s a big reason why that character died here and you’ll learn about it on the 7th Harry Potter movie.

All in all the movie is good and a must-see especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. If you haven’t watched the 5th Harry Potter movie then you may get lost a bit but you’ll still find yourself on track after a short while. The best character in this movie is the antagonist Bellatrix Lestrange portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter is just perfect. She made the role exactly as how she is to be portrayed.

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