A movie that stars Adam Sandler as George Simmons. He is a famous comedian who found out that he is actually going to die within a year because he has a blood disorder that can’t be treated. He met Ira Wright starred by Seth Rogen in a comedy act one night and the famous George Simmons took notice of Ira Wright and thought this guy has potential.

Ira Wright is no real stand-up comedian as he’s working in a deli and he is still a newbie as a stand-up comic but he has the talent for it but is still a bit confused. George got interested with him and he hired Ira to be his personal assistant who will do the opening acts for him on his every performance.

Eventually they became good friends as George teaches the newbie stand-up coming how he could catch the attention of the crowd and so forth while Ira had also helped George.

George really thought he was dying but then he had a remission from the disease therefore he got a second chance to life which really could change any man. His old flame then came into the picture by the character of Laura as played by Leslie Mann. Laura is his girl that got away and married an Australian. After beating his scary ordeal, he realizes things and he re-evaluates his life and that includes his love life.

Such a good movie. It’s really worth watching.

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