This is a thriller, action and horror flick in one. The main character in the movie is Saya, a beautiful 16-year-old Asian girl who is actually 400 years old. She was born by a vampire with a human father and she had been fighting vampires since she was young. She never grows old and for 400 years she continues to fight against the world of the vampires using her samurai. She kills vampires although she is one herself as she can’t survive without blood to replenish her life.

Thrilling Action

She is a member of a military organization that together fights against evil and she was deployed to an American base for the military in Tokyo, Japan where her quest is to find the head of evil vampires, Onigen who is also in disguise. Here she made friends with a young girl who is also the daughter of the general.

The fight scenes in the movie are superb. It’s full of action and flexibility as she fights the other fighting vampires. It’s basically a samurai fighting movie that they just made into vampires. Don’t expect to get scared here as it is more of an action flick rather than horror.

Would another Asian actor seek Hollywood success with this movie? We just have to wait and see. But don’t expect too much from the movie. All in all, a B-.

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