Hellboy 2 is a mix of suspense, fantasy, action and a little bit of a love story. If you like movies with superheroes then you better watch Hellboy 2 which is a sequel to the 2004 film entitled Hellboy. It’s not a boring movie at all and you wouldn’t want to miss a thing.

The movie’s plot is interesting. Hellboy was told a bedtime story when he was still young by his adoptive father about the fight between man and other magical creatures. They built a golden army for their King Balor but the golden army killed a lot of humans with no mercy so King Balor made a truce with the humans so there won’t be any more blood shed. Creatures would stay in the forests while men keep the cities. His son though was unhappy and left in exile.

The army was controlled by the magical crown and it was broken into 3 pieces. One piece is with the humans, while the 2 pieces are with the creatures.

The arrival of Prince Nuada, King Balor’s son, began the story where he vowed to destroy the humans by getting all of the 3 parts of the crown. Little did he know that one of the parts is with his beloved twin, Princess Nuala who he can not hurt because he will also get hurt. Princess Nuala was protected by the team of Hellboy but she later decided to kill herself just so her twin would also die.

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