Unknown Film Review

Fans of Liam Neeson and his recent blockbuster “Taken” should appreciate the film “Unknown”. Although, at first glance, the film could be mistaken as a second part of Taken, his previous action-film, “Unknown” provides a unique premise with another impressive performance from Mr. Neeson.

The plot is a classic conspiracy theory with a few twists on the side. Liam Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris who just woke up from coma after an accident in Berlin. He tries to contact his wife but she doesn’t know who he is and his identity is there is now another Martin Harris in his place. While trying to recover his identity, he has to search for what really happened to him while he was in a coma. However while he has to deal with his memory problem he has to also run away from a group of assassins that plan to kill him.

The film is shot beautifully with many great views of the attractive city of Berlin. But even though the plot is interesting, it does seem to get a little too farfetched at times. This realisation is something many will get while thinking back over the plot and story and not something you will realize while watching the piece as you’ll be caught up in the twists and enjoying the fast paced action. It could mainly be described as a fun film to watch with impressive action scenes.

Of course, the main actor in the film has again delivered a stunning performance. Liam Neeson is not necessarily a hard-core action star but he’s the person you’ll always root for in any situation. His presence in every scene always makes the audience anticipate for something surprising to happen that could twist the films story and send you to another unexpected situation.

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