District 9 stars Sharlto Copley as Wikus Van De Merwe.  The story is set 20 years ago when the alien ship had reached Earth and arrived at Johannesburg in South Africa. They just hovered around Johannesburg for 3 months and did not have any contact with the humans but humans had decided to go inside the ship to see what’s going on.

Inside the ship they found aliens, lots of them, and they all looked very sick and thin. It turned out that these aliens were just workers and their leaders may have been wiped out by a plague.

The prawns, as what the aliens were called, were then put as captive in District 9. The story evolves around Wikus Van de Merwe in the year 2010. Wikus is a field operative of MNU and he is tasked to move all the 1.8 million aliens from District 9 to 10.

He went into an alien residence where a dark liquid was squirted on his face and eventually led to his arm to mutate into the arm of an alien.  When Wikus suffered the transformation, he was able to use the aliens’ weapons.

Wikus will provide help for aliens together with the high alien called Christopher Johnson. Eventually, the aliens were moved to District 10 and all the experiments of MNU were exposed. Prepare for a science fiction movie full of special effects that will keep you alert for 112 minutes.

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