Categorizing Black Swan into a single category of film can be challenging. Sure, it can be called a psychological thriller but it can also be called a dance movie with some great dramatic scenes. It can even be referred to as your regular drive in movie where someone gets emotionally unstable because of the circumstances.

But that’s exactly why Black Swan works so well. It is a masterpiece that you can’t really fathom or box into a single category. The story is relatively easy to understand: Natalie Portman plays Nina Sayers who has to deal with her inner problems so that she could let out her “Black Swan” which is a counterpart role for her “White Swan”.

Clearly, the movie is all about Natalie Portman. Her presence in the film is unmistakably stronger than the rest. Her frailness and mood swings can easily get you engulfed in the film. Although the first couple of minutes in the film will leave you wondering where the plot is going, you’ll be surprised that you are already taken through a whirlwind of confrontations – both physical and verbal.

But Natalie Portman is not the only commendable actor in the film. Almost everyone provides an amazing performance. Mila Kunis, who players her counterpart, has fully blossomed in the film. Almost a decade ago, she is just another girl in a sitcom but she has truly presented her acting expertise in the film.

Black Swan is a film that can’t be easily fathomed but it’s a great film that should appeal to many different audience types.

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