The Happiest Girl in the World is a film that will not make you the happiest spectator in the world but at times will make you smile or laugh. When the final credits will flow on the screen a natural question might torture you “Was that all?” The script is pretty simple – a 17 year old girl won a car after sending in 3 labels taken from some juice bottles.

happiest girl

She and her parents travel to Bucharest to get the car but the girl will take part into a whole day of filming testimonials to encourage people to send in their labels. During the small breaks of the filming sessions, the girl’s parents try to convince her to sign the  car selling agreement. The parents want to sell the car and open a touristic hostel with the money.

The viewer is given a “she signs it”-“she signs it not” situation and is fed a lot of repeated  actions and lines from shooting the commercial.

The title of the film hides a bit of an irony because the girl cannot fully enjoy her prize (her family want to sell the car straight away). One of her lines in the commercial is “… and I am the happiest girl in the world…” but she doesn’t smile for the camera (and thus making the marketing people of the juice brand go crazy).

The film was presented  at Berlinale in 2009 and the idea of this film was born from a real similar  situation to which the director was a witness.

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