This movie got me curious as it became #1 in the box office for its first week. I watched it to see what all the fuss is about and I must say it’s really a good movie. It’s a remake of a 1951 film of the same title.

The storyline is good and well thought out and there are some surprises in the movie as well. It’s an alien invasion but not in the way that we may have expected. It’s a great plot and with this movie, you’d get irritated with the human race and at the same time appreciate our own existence.

People can make a difference and this movie is in line with the whole issue about our environment and it can really open our eyes. Do we really need an outside force to let us all work hand in hand in saving our planet Earth from self-destructing? That’s what this movie made me realize and hopefully, this movie can open the eyes of as many people as possible.

Keanu Reeves is impressive in this movie. He did not do much in terms of action though, as this isn’t really an action film but Keanu gave the heart and the soul to the character. It’s pretty impressive but his Chinese accent is quite laughable especially if you understand Chinese. But, since it’s a part of his character, I would still give him high marks for trying.

All in all, this film is pretty good and entertaining from the beginning up to the very end. I just wished there was something more to the ending though.

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