I was so excited when I was about to watch this movie in our local cinema. I read so much about the hype of this wonderful movie and I just couldn’t wait to see it for myself. For me, the movie is really good. It’s strange but that’s why it’s called the curious case after all.

Benjamin Button was born old. His mother died right after giving birth to him and his father was deeply angered by losing his wife and having a really ugly baby. He ran with the baby and ended up leaving the baby on the stairs of a house for elderly people. A black American couple found the baby and the woman felt like she should take care of him since he is still God’s son. They all thought he was about to die since he has all the features of a very old man, cataracts and all. But, much to their surprise, he didn’t die but in fact he was getting younger as the day pass.

At a young age when he was still looking really old, he met a young girl named Daisy. She was a young girl, the grand daughter of one of the old ladies in the house and that’s when the story really started. A love story that is blissful, painful and strange.

The story made me feel sad in the end but I applaud it and will not get tired of watching it over and over again although my only comment was with Brad Pitt’s make-up when he started to look like a teenager. It looked quite fake and that’s the only criticism I can make for this movie.

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