Ben Stiller’s Character, Larry, is back for another awesome adventure. This time it involves the Smithsonian and he has to save his old pals from the Smithsonian and especially from Kahmunrah, an evil Pharaoh that actually proves to be a very entertaining character in the movie.

Another Ben Stiller Classic

It involves the Museum of Natural History that was closed for renovation and upgrades and this is where the adventure begins. The stone tablet that has a magical force that makes the museum come alive has now brought to life other characters such as Al Capone, Amelia Earheart, Kahmunrah and General Custer. Another funny character here is the little Albert Einstein!

Larry started to develop romantic feelings for Amelia Earheart who is one of the main characters in the movie, and she helps out Larry in his quest to save his museum friends. The main battle happens when Kahmunrah captured Larry’s little friend, Jebediah Smith, who was trapped in a sand timer. In order to get his little friend back, he has to bring the stone tablet to Kahmunrah and give the combination. In the end he didn’t need to give the combination as Kahmunrah’s ally got it from the little Einstein and it was 3.141516!

Hysterical Movie

The battle was hysterical, especially with the monkeys but what’s emotional was when Larry has to tell Amelia that the morning of her quest to travel the Atlantic would actually cause her death but, Amelia actually knows that already.

Then, the museum was opened for everyone to see at night. But, nobody believed they were real and thought they’re just part of how the exhibit works!

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