This is another adventure sci-fi movie that has kids as its main characters. Add Dwayne Johnson to the story and what you get is a scientific yet weird depiction of aliens invading the Earth!

Basically, the story evolves around Jack Bruno, a cab driver who found two young kids sitting at the back of his cab and telling him that they need to go somewhere. These kids turn out to be aliens from another planet sent by their parent aliens here on Earth.

The children and Jack Bruno encounter a lot of obstacles and there are different fight scenes with strange characters on the entire movie while the 3 are on the quest to find an object where the experiment results of their parents are kept. Their planet life forms want to invade the Earth because their planet is dying but with this data, they no longer need to invade the Earth and will save their planet. But, the army from their planet wants to invade the Earth and wants to stop these kids! On the other hand, the government of our own planet wants to get the kids too so they could do some alien experiments as well.

Eventually, there was the Siphon who arrived and took both the children, Bruho and Dr. Friendman who is an expert about UFOs and eventually the two humans had escaped and rescued the kids. Bruno killed the siphon thus rescuing the two kid aliens.

Would I recommend this movie? Well, if you like these sort of thing then maybe you’d like it but the story is not at all convincing and can be somewhat annoying if you want an intelligent storyline.

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