The Unborn is a movie about a spirit that transfers to a person’s body as it refuses to leave the world. The story starts with Casey Beldon, a woman who did not know she actually had a twin brother who died in the womb. She had a dream where she saw this evil child that suddenly transformed into a dog with a mask. She followed the dog only to find the mask on the floor. Tried to lift it up and found a bottle with a fetus inside it that suddenly opened his eyes.

After that dream things started to get weird. Her eye color changed and after seeing a doctor, she learned that it’s a condition experienced by twins. After confronting her dad, she found out the truth. Then she went on a quest to figure out what is going on as strange things started to happen. That’s when she met Sofi, her grandmother whom she didn’t know.

The evil boy turns out to be her grand uncle only that the dybbuk got hold of him during their childhood. Sofi killed his twin hoping to get rid of the monster that inhabited his body but it only left for awhile. It was the reason why Casey’s mom killed herself and now it came for her too.

The dybbuk killed Casey’s best friend and her boyfriend and when they performed exorcism the dybbuk disappeared. Later she found out she was pregnant… again, with a twin.

This movie is a must-see. It’s a thriller movie that will surely make you scream your heart out. It’s freaky and it’s very entertaining.

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