Are you prepared to get scared an to be served an unexpected ending for this movie?

There’s this couple who unfortunately lost their unborn child which left them both devastated especially the wife who started having all these nightmares about the past that she couldn’t get rid of. The two have then decided that perhaps it would be best if they would adopt a child since they lost a child. They went to a local orphanage and there they talked to the person in charge asking about how to adopt a child and everything they need to learn about adopting a grown child. They felt this intense attraction to this very sweet girl named Esther and they wanted to adopt her.

They welcomed her into their home and treated her as their own child just like any adoptive parent should do. But then when Esther arrived into their life suddenly things are starting to get really strange and things happen that would really freak you out.

Kate, the adoptive mother,  then believed that Esther might have something kept from them and she felt like something is really wrong with her. She looks so angelic but she knows something’s up with her. She tried to warn her family, including her husband about Esther but all they see is the sweet face of this young girl. Find out what her secret is, you’d really be shocked. A film that will make you feel guilty because you hate a child. The final brings an unexpected revelation of Esther’s past via a phone call from a doctor in a former Soviet country. Police cars turn up after the final battle but you should go and see it for yourself.

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