Mark Herman’s “Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”

This is a very heart-warming movie that was set during World War II and when the Nazis put all the Jews in concentration camps. The movie is not focused on the war or the deaths of the Jews and how they were all tortured but it’s a story that focused on 2 little boys with very innocent minds that was bound by friendship when they should be, in fact, enemies.

The 2 main characters here are Bruno and Shmuel. Shmuel is the boy that is wearing the outfit that looks like striped pyjamas while Bruno is on the other side of the electrified fence, living a very comfortable life as the son of a Nazi commandant. Shmuel is held as a captive in a Jew concentration camp and as unlikely as it may seem but the two boys became friends even if they were separated by electric fences.

It’s a movie that will surely make anybody cry. The innocence of these 2 little boys and the situation that they are in is enough to make the toughest of hearts start to cry.

It’s a very emotional story that was actually based from a book with the same title. What’s sad about the movie is the consequence of the forbidden friendship that bonded the 2 young boys. As innocent as they may be, in the eyes of the Nazis, it is just wrong and that’s when you’ll surely start wiping off your tears. The ending is unexpected: the German boy gigs a hole under the fence and enters the “farm” in order to explore it. Both boys are taken to the gas chamber together with a larger group of people.

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