It’s a horror flick that will surely make you scream and puke. It starts back in 1969 when a Mexican couple went to a medium to help their son who stole jewelry from some Gypsies 3 days back and he was complaining that he was seeing and hearing things unworldly. The medium tried to help him out but to no avail, he was pulled down by evil hands and was never seen again. 40 years later, the same situation happened. It’s Christine Brown, a loan officer in a bank who found herself in the same situation. She was tasked to turn down the request of an old gypsy woman for mortgage. The old gypsy woman, Mrs. Ganush, was desperate and begs her but Christine started to panic and pushed her to the floor and was assisted out by the security guards.

Twisted Plot

That wasn’t the end of Mrs. Ganush as she attacked Christine that night on her car. The fight was brutal and this led Mrs. Ganush to cast a curse on her before she disappeared.

The movie is great as it brings chills down your spine but it will also make your stomach turn. Their quest to get rid of the curse led to the death of the medium that is 40 years older now but still wasn’t able to get rid of the deadly curse. The ending is pretty good but quite sad.

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