When the announcement came out that the final book of Harry Potter would involve not one but two movies, some film critics and fans questioned the motive of the studio. Although a two-hour film cannot easily justify the final installment of Harry Potter, pushing the movie in two parts might leave the fans a little disappointed. Especially after the anticipation built from earlier versions such as “Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince“.

But the first part of “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” gives the audience a worthy prelude to the final battle of Harry Potter and his nemesis.

The film does not just set-up the movie for the final confrontation but it also tries to answer some questions on what could happen with the rest of the characters. There are also times that it leads the audience to ask more questions and watching the second part of the film becomes a necessity.

Fortunately, the first film gives a satisfying feeling to the audience. While it is true that the audience should watch the second film, the first film in itself gives the audience a breathtaking experience to the world of Harry Potter.

If the studio pushed itself to retell the book in one movie, it would be too long and could become boring. By splicing the story in half, more stories are told and more questions are answered.

Ultimately, “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1” will leave any fan anticipating the final film. This is one of the rare cases wherein fans are left hanging for the sake of properly telling a good story and not just cashing in from the book’s amazing stories.

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