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the mask

The Mask Film Review

Jim Carrey’s “The Mask” is a slapstick film that set the pace for Carrey’s career in 1994. More often than not, slapstick films especially during the early 90s do not get any praise from film critics.

Fast 5

Fast 5 (The Fast & The Furious 5)

One of the biggest challenges for Fast 5 is how to push the boundaries of an already formulaic film. Of course, you’ll have to expect really fast cars, beautiful women and Vin Diesel with Paul Walker in a fight scene. But followers of the film franchise have practically seen it all and more.

X-Men First Class

X-Men: First Class Review

Fortunately, the movie features one of the best scripts we have seen in a while. The movie unfolds in front of the audience is a non-disruptive and easy-to-understand way. The movie provides enough clues for the audience to ponder but gives everyone a glimpse of the character’s psyche for them to understand what is going on.


“Paul” Film Review

Paul is a movie for aimed at sci-fi fans and it’s never apologetic. It tries to combines every possible scenario and cliché you have seen in previous alien movies and yet it’s still very funny along the way. Of course, you also have to credit the actual familiarity of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to sci-fi because they are also well-versed in the genre.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

When the announcement came out that the final book of Harry Potter would involve not one but two movies, some film critics and fans questioned the motive of the studio. Although a two hour film cannot easily justify the final installment of Harry Potter, pushing the movie in two parts might leave the fans in disappointment.

Limitless Film Review

Limitless starts with a very interesting premise that immediately hooks the viewer. What if you could extend the capability of your memory? Instead of a mere 20%, what if you could use 100% of your brain’s capability? The movie then tries to answer the question with a little bit of side story.

Bradly Cooper stars as Eddie Mora and he plays the part of a run down, stuck-in-a-rut writer but after taking the pill he extends his brain functionality. His role somehow reminds the audience of his “Hangover” role where he oozes confidence as he can easily command the scene. All other characters simply complement the events and situations.

Unfortunately, Robert De Niro is part of the cast that simply complements Eddie’s journey. Although he’s one of the main characters with decisions that could affect the outcome of the story, viewers will simply see him as a pawn for something bigger. Anyone could have been chosen for the part and the result would have still been the same. The side story of the film is about a murder. While this provides an interesting twist in the story, the film could easily have not included the incident.

Rango Movie Review

Rango is an animated film about a green gecko and his role as the sheriff of “Dirt” town. At first glance, it’s a family film as it features a lovely green gecko character with the voice of Johnny Depp. But within the first few minutes of the film, any audience will understand that it’s not rated PG just for kicks. It’s actually a straight western movie with a few twists and jokes to make the movie appeal to kids.

The movie is such a great homage to western flicks it becomes a great film in itself. The green gecko accidentally becomes the town sheriff after a series of circumstances that make him appear to be a good fighter. The gecko has to deal with snakes, vultures and some of the townspeople who do not believe in him along with the town’s water problem.

Unknown Film Review

Fans of Liam Neeson and his recent blockbuster “Taken” should appreciate the film “Unknown”. Although, at first glance, the film could be mistaken as a second part of Taken, his previous action-film, “Unknown” provides a unique premise with another impressive performance from Mr. Neeson.

The plot is a classic conspiracy theory with a few twists on the side. Liam Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris who just woke up from coma after an accident in Berlin. He tries to contact his wife but she doesn’t know who he is and his identity is there is now another Martin Harris in his place. While trying to recover his identity, he has to search for what really happened to him while he was in a coma. However while he has to deal with his memory problem he has to also run away from a group of assassins that plan to kill him.

The film is shot beautifully with many great views of the attractive city of Berlin. But even though the plot is interesting, it does seem to get a little too farfetched at times. This realisation is something many will get while thinking back over the plot and story and not something you will realize while watching the piece as you’ll be caught up in the twists and enjoying the fast paced action. It could mainly be described as a fun film to watch with impressive action scenes.

black swan natalie portman

Black Swan Review

Putting Black Swan into a single category of film can be challenging. Sure, it can be called a psychological thriller but it can also be called a dance movie with some great dramatic scenes.

no strings attached

No Strings Attached Review

No Strings Attached is a romantic comedy film starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It’s a story about a guy and a girl agreeing to become “friends with benefits” as they enjoy physical intimacy with each other without becoming emotionally attached. As expected, the guy (Ashton) eventually falls for the girl.