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Another movie about funny aliens coming to Earth to destroy the world. Yes, it’s the funny alien invasion type that is entertaining for the entire family. Basically, the story is about the Pearsons’ kids who found out about the alien invaders that came from the attic and they are on the quest to fight them and save the Earth without making their parents learn about it.

The aliens came from the meteor shower from another galaxy where 4 glowing thingies are forced on a different route leading it to the planet Earth and they end up on a roof where the family of Stuart and Nina Pearson were staying for a short holiday break. The aliens are actually the small kinds led by Skip then there were Tazer, Razor and Sparks. The 4 of them were in the quest to conquer the Earth but the 5 Pearsons’ kids are out to stop them.

Eventually of course there were a battle between the kids and the little aliens and the aliens never stood a chance against the bright and loving siblings. It sure is a fun movie that is worth watching.

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Jaume Collet – Sera’s Orphan

Are you prepared to get scared an to be served an unexpected ending for this movie?

There’s this couple who unfortunately lost their unborn child which left them both devastated especially the wife who started having all these nightmares about the past that she couldn’t get rid of. The two have then decided that perhaps it would be best if they would adopt a child since they lost a child. They went to a local orphanage and there they talked to the person in charge asking about how to adopt a child and everything they need to learn about adopting a grown child. They felt this intense attraction to this very sweet girl named Esther and they wanted to adopt her.

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This is a thriller, action and horror flick in one. The main character in the movie is Saya, a beautiful 16-year old Asian girl who is actually 400 years old. She was born by a vampire with a human father and she had been fighting vampires since she was young. She never grows old and for 400 years she continues to fight against the world of the vampires using her samurai. She kills vampires although she is one herself as she can’t survive without blood to replenish her life.

She is a member of a military organization that together fights against evil and she was deployed to an American base for the military in Tokyo, Japan where her quest is to find the head of evil vampires, Onigen who is also in disguise. Here she made friendship with a young girl who is also the daughter of the general.

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This is definitely the best Ice Age sequel ever and you’d surely laugh your hearts out from the beginning up to the very end as our wacky favorite characters such as Sid, Diego, Manfred and Ellie are out for another awesome adventure.

The movie begins with Manfred and Ellie expecting a baby and Diego felt that the two has a different priority now and their herd is no longer as special as it was before. He decided to leave the group and go solo even when he no longer can run after his prey as he gets exhausted quickly. The very innocent Sid, on the other hand, had discovered three huge eggs and thought of keeping them as he thought they were left by their mom. Manfred demanded that he returns the eggs as Sid is not their real mommy. It’s too late though as the 3 young dinosaurs had already hatched out of their eggs and thought that Sid is their real mommy.

The real mommy of the 3 dinosaurs had then looked for them and took Sid as a hostage which then led the other characters to discover a lost world of the Dinosaurs that was just underneath the ice. There they met Buck, a one-eyed weasel who helped them save Sid.

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Thor Freudenthal’s Hotel for Dogs

It’s a story about the siblings Andi and Bruce who live in a foster home. In their foster home, dogs are strictly not allowed and the two had no choice but to follow the rules. Then, one day, they met an adorable dog that they just can’t let him go so they thought of a way on how to take care of their new pet.

They found an old, abandoned hotel that would be just perfect for their new pet. Since Bruce is such a genius young boy, he transformed it whimsically into a high-class dog hotel. Their pet dog who they named as Friday soon was not the only guest in the hotel. Soon more dogs considered the hotel as their new home.

Bruce invented conveyor-like machines which could easily provide all dogs their meals and also transport their poop after the digestive process is over. He made several funny machines  to make the lives of these dogs as happy as possible. Unfortunately, with that much dogs, it’s not easy to keep them a secret.

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Another exciting adventure for Sam Witwicky (Shia Labeouf) as the decepticon forces had once again returned to Earth and wanted to hold him captive as he had learned the ancient truth about the origins of Transformers. Humankind was once again in harm’s way but thanks to the friendly Transformers led by Optimus Prime, the decepticons can’t quickly take over the world as Optimus Prime joined forces with the armies to fight against them.

The fight scenes are great and it’s really worth watching on cinema. For those who waited for Transformers after the 2007 film Transformers will not be dismayed. Shia LaBeouf is still as good looking as he was on the first film and Megan Fox is as hot as ever.

Optimus Prime in this movie had grown in size at the end part when he was brought back to life and it’s a must-see part of the movie. Who would’ve thought robots can also sacrifice themselves to save another robot and for the good of humanity?

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Griffin Dunne’s Practical magic

A movies starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, a story about 2 sister witches who loved each other so much but were very different. One was on the wilder side while the other likes to keep everything simple and discrete. Eventually their paths had crossed when they’re all grown up after Nicole’s character (Gillian Owens) left to be with her man. She called her sister Sally Owens (Sandra Bullock) to help her with her man problem.

Add a bit of magic and some sparkle of fun and you get an exciting and magical movie. Add 2 fun aunts in the picture and you’ll get a super movie that is worth watching over and over again. It’s been 11 years since this movie had been released but it never gets old and boring. The casts are great, the story is fun and well-written and the characters are just darlings.

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Allers and Culton’s Open season

Open Season 1 is a very fun animated movie that will surely entertain both kids and adults alike. It’s a fun movie about a cute and loveable bear that was domesticated who saved a deer named Elliott from a crazy hunter. The bear and deer eventually became a team when the grizzly had to be returned back to the wild after a series of unfortunate events that had occurred after Boog (the bear) met Elliott (the deer).

The 2 unlikely teammates had no choice but to stay together while Boog was in a quest to go back to his beloved owner but the problem was, it was open season. The duo had to convince other wild animals to join together and fight against the hunters so they will no longer come and hunt them for prize.

Eventually, the animals won the fight against the hunters and they had nobody else to thank but Boog. Elliott tried to save Boog in one scene where the hunter was about to kill Boog but Elliott jumped towards them to push the hunter away from his gun. This led Boog to finally start roaring like a real grizzly bear.

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This is a very heart-warming movie that was set during World War II and when the Nazis put all the Jews in concentration camps. The movie is not focused on the war or the deaths of the Jews and how they were all tortured but it’s a story that focused on 2 little boys with very innocent minds that was bound by friendship when they should be, in fact, enemies.

The 2 main characters here are Bruno and Shmuel. Shmuel is the boy that is wearing the outfit that looks like striped pyjamas while Bruno is on the other side of the electrified fence, living a very comfortable life as the son of a Nazi commandant. Shmuel is held as a captive in a Jew concentration camp and as unlikely as it may seem but the two boys became friends even if they were separated by electric fences.

It’s a movie that will surely make anybody cry. The innocence of these 2 little boys and the situation that they are in is enough to make the toughest of hearts start to cry.

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Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13

If you love a movie where most of the people die and just 1 or 2 lives in the end then Friday the 13th is always the best movie to watch. We’ve watched this since the first movie was released in 1980 and it became so popular that Friday the 13th is always feared that maybe Jason would come out and kill us all.

This movie is still on Crystal Lake and the killer is still Jason. It’s just a remake of the old movie but it doesn’t make it seem bad. It’s a good thing that they did a remake because it brings back the same horrifying flick that we once feared the most and turn it into a more modern version.

To those who still haven’t watched the movie, I will not spoil it for you but expect to feel sorry for some of your favored characters that get mutilated like animals by Jason. This movie is just one of a few where the hot ones aren’t always the ones that survive in the end.

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