Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir

This movie is an Israeli documentary animation film It had received several awards including the Golden Globe for best foreign language film and many more. It was directed by Ari Folman who is also the lead actor in the film.

Marley & Me

Marley & Me

It’s a story about a family and the world’s worst dog. The dog is a male Labrador who doesn’t follow their orders and is such a menace but don’t expect this movie to be a laugh-hard type as you would be shocked at how it turns out in the end.

Night at the Museum

Shawn Levy’s Night at the Museum

This is one of Ben Stiller’s great movies and it’s worth watching whenever you get bored and just want to watch a fun movie at home. The Night at the Museum is a movie for kids and adults alike. It has a great message too!


Wanted – movie review

James McAvoy, who stars as Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia, teams up with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman in this action-packed film that has unbelievable fight scenes, fast cars, daring train rides, and secret societies.

finding nemo

Great film: Finding Nemo

Watching the animated movie Finding Nemo is really entertaining. Marlin, the father clownfish had to take care of his only son from his wife who was killed while taking care of their eggs.

Eagle Eye Movie

Eagle Eye – Movie Review

I was in the mood to watch an action flick so I decided to go for Eagle Eye which stars my current crush, “not too geeky, not too hunky” Shia LaBeouf, who I’ve been watching ever since his earlier work.


Transformers Movie Review

One of the all-time favourites in the cartoon industry has hit the big screen and has smashed its way into the hearts of millions globally. Transformers is one of the most awaited and most anticipated summer movies that was released in 2007.